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Anne Ott


We began leasing Sharp copiers from WM Imaging Solutions in 2011. At the time, we were impressed with the equipment and pleased with the price. We renewed five years later because we continued to be pleased with the equipment and the new lease, but primarily because of service. We print worship bulletins and church newsletters weekly and appreciate our workhorse Sharp copier. We use the copier for 99.9% of our printing needs, from emails to mass mailings, as well as scanning When we need repairs or updates, we don't have to wait long for service. The friendly staff is helpful, informed, and quick to respond to requests efficiently.

Josh Maller


Wonderful service from beginning to end! We have been doing business with them for about 10 years. Every time we renew, they are careful to go over our best options based off of our needs. They have taken time to answer any questions we have to ensure we are getting the most out of our equipment. We have never had an issue when timely service was needed, which gives us the confidence to know our job will get done. Recently, we checked competitors when our lease was coming to an end to make sure we were doing our due diligence, and WM matched or beat all of them! They have always made us feel like the customer is first in how they do business from setting up our new copier and making sure we are comfortable with it before they leave, promptly servicing it throughout our contract, to installing our next copier to match our needs and budget. Thank you, WM!

Brandi Williams


FANTASTIC COMPANY TO WORK WITH!!! WM Imaging has always held up their end. They always recommend the best printer/copiers for our office and when things break down they are here within 24 hours to fix it. Fair prices!!! Always professional and kind. Such a joy to have a local company with such class! I highly recommend this company, especially if you love supporting local business.

Elizabeth Schaab


Our company has used WM Imaging Solutions for years now and has been very satisfied with the service we have received. Andrew is the best of the best. If there is an issue, he responds with a call, email or just shows up to take a look at things first hand. When you call into their office, everyone is so happy to help. We have always received our supplies on time and when their schedules were completely booked, they still managed to fit us in. Being a law firm we do not have time to be down Imaging Solutions understands this, and they do their best to see to it that our downtime is minimal!!!



We have worked with WM Imaging Solutions for more than 10 years. They have been great in getting us top-performing equipment, with all the setup and support that you would expect. They are prompt with getting supplies to us, and they go above and beyond with any needs we have. They provide us with regular upkeep and diagnostics, replacing parts ahead of the time they would break down, so we do not experience any down time waiting for service. On those occasions we need immediate help, they are there the same day in most cases. If we have special projects needing specific functions, they work with us to figure out solutions. I would highly recommend them. All of their employees are very personable and easy to work with.

Jessica Carter


Andrew, Kaylynn, and the entire staff at WM Imagining have been nothing short of amazing for our office. Being a CPA firm, we have frequent copier cleanings and maintenance required to ensure a smooth tax season for us, as well as our clients. WM has always been very helpful with all of our office needs and the customer service exceeds expectations. Highest of recommendations!

New Market


New Market has used WM Imaging Solutions exclusively for the past 20+ years for all of our printing needs. Their knowledgeable staff has always handled all of our challenges with the utmost professional service. We would highly recommend WM Imaging Solutions for any size business.

Timothy J Cummins


The proper machines in the workplace have proven vital to our organization’s overall success over time. We needed a professional option that allowed for our time to be used on other tasks, rather than troubleshooting various printer issues throughout the day. WM Imaging has given us that opportunity; from their superior products offered, to the consistently excellent service that they provide for those machines, they have been a blessing to our staff each and every day.


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